Polyethylene Tank Repair Using Plastic Welding

1500 gallon polyethylene tankMy 1500 gallon polyethylene water tank has been in use for some time now. Its exposed pipes are well insulated from the cold. None-the-less, during an especially cold winter day it developed a crack at its bottom. I tried various ways to seal the leak, but to no avail. Then I happened upon a YouTube video showing such a repair as I needed. It was called plastic welding.

Small crack in polyethylene tankI was under the notion that once a water tank became cracked that it was unable to be repaired, or at least there was no permanent repair available. Therefore, you can manage my surprise to discover that a plastic welding tool was available that would solve my problem. I was even more impressed in the fact that this tool could repair other plastics that are automotive in nature. This seemed almost too good to be true, but I decided that if this type of repair worked, it would be much cheaper than buying a new tank.

Crack about 1 3/4 in. longI searched some prices and some ratings comparisons, and settled on a plastic repair kit called the Mini-Weld Model 6. Click here to see my review of this tool. I watched some more YouTube plastic repair videos while waiting for an Amazon delivery. When I received my Mini Weld Model 6 kit, I watched the enclosed video and read the product information. Having done this, the mystery of plastic welding was out of my mind, and I was ready to begin my repair.

Soldering iron, Dremel toolAfter draining and drying my tank out the best I could, it was time to follow the repair directions. I used my Dremel tool and a carbide pear shaped burring bit to clean the crack and surrounding area of the tank. I was concerned that the crack went behind the metal plate that someone had previously attached, and that it was still damp behind there. However, if I was able to slow a stream down to an occasional drip or two, then I would be happy. 

Polyethylene Tank Weld Repair I proceeded with the repair until I was satisfied with the result. The ease of this tool is nothing short of amazing. I re-filled my water tank, and as I had presumed it did have a drip. However, the drip was not from my repair, but rather from underneath one of the adjacent screws to my welded repair. I was totally satisfied with the finished outcome. I do have a drip or two, but nothing like before. At this point I am totally satisfied with my repair.

Watch this YouTube video of my repair.


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