Wild Ground Squirrels


This is a 5 minute video showing some wild ground squirrels that I attempted to feed by hand. Peanuts work well for this test, even if one did bite me. I guess fingers look like peanuts. I decided to try this while I was waiting on “Partner” to finish panning some gold dirt we brought back from our last trip. In springtime the desert animals become more apparent, and as summer begins everything is looking for food.

Ground squirrels seem to eat everything that people like. Every year I lose more grapes, apples, and plums to these pesky little varmints. This year I decided it was time to throw in the towel. Since I had nothing to do but watch “Partner” pan for gold, I decided I would feed the squirrels some peanuts. The grapes, apples, and plums were not ripe yet anyway. These squirrels are called Nelsons Antelope Squirrels. There is another squirrel called the Round Tailed Ground Squirrel, but it did not show up for the peanuts this time.

For more on squirrels go here http://www.squirrels.org/photo.html