Grand Canyon West Tour Buses Stopped

The great flood it was not, more like a great wash run. The desert is full of flash flood wash areas, and this one at the intersection of Cattle Dr. and Pierce Ferry Rd. can be a major pain. It was especially annoying to the Grand Canyon West tour buses that visit the Skywalk or Air Bridge, as it has been called. Rain build up allows this and other dry washes, as they are called, to show their ugly side around monsoon season. Rain from miles away accumulates and when the washes begin to run–they demand respect. This wash was no exception!

Although this wash only runs about once in 5 to 10 years, when it does it has the potential to stop traffic, as the water and other debris crosses the road. This time the wash run was very heavy. Grand Canyon West tour busses were stopped in their tracks as were the local population trying to make it home. The delay was some two hours if you happened to catch the wash as it was peaking.  At approximately 3:45 p.m. traffic was allowed to cautiously proceed through. Luckily the pavement stayed intact. I won’t go into detail how my wife managed to get  stuck, and needed the sheriffs department to pull her HHR out of the intersection mud flow, after the wash  had subsided.

Thank you Butch, Tom, Janet, Sara, and you guys from the Sheriffs department for your valued assistance in the mud bog event with the HHR. Sorry, no pictures of the HHR mud wrestling. On second thought, there is a few of the before and after pictures below the video.

Here is the video.


Soft mud

Soft mud tire just spins


Spinning tire

Wet sticky and a foot deep


Drying mud

The mud is drying some


Stuck spot

The next morning. Cones mark the stuck spot.


Wash crosses road

Next day looking towards the stuck place.


Very sticky mud

Closed road and better view of the wash out about 24 hours later.