Plastic Weld Sunglasses

Broken sunglasses I have a pair of sunglasses that I particularly like, and I have managed to keep from scratching the lenses for about 5 years. However, I did manage to break the frame and one of the lenses kept falling out. I really like these glasses, for the lens color enables me to see the green in my plants which helps me to better schedule their watering needs. Being in the desert, I try to conserve water, and the summer watering is mainly just to keep the plants alive.

Plastic welderI have tried epoxy and super glue, but the glasses just kept breaking at the same place, and of course the lensBurring kept falling out. I decided to try the new plastic welding tool kit for the next repair. After reading more about the different plastics in the enclosed manual, I was ready to give it a go. I clamped my work as best I could, and per instructions, I cleaned the old glue off and made a rough surface for the new plastic to stick.

Welding the crackOnce my soldering iron was hot, I began my welding using the proper plastic rod, supplied in the kit. I added plastic, and smoothed the weld a number of times by using the iron to cut the plastic from the rod. I then melted it into the sunglass area. After going over the repair process a number of times, I was satisfied that the weld was sufficient to supply a proper hold. I told myself that it was time to quit the repair.

Finished repairI let my soldering iron cool down and the sunglasses as well. The repair was a success. I now had my Looking goodsunglasses repaired. It was easy and quite fun to do. Good luck on your next repair!




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