Lincoln MIG Welder Wire Feed Stopped

No wire coming out from tip

No Wire From Gun Tip

I was welding some small metal pieces together the other day, and I was as at a loss when the MIG wire feed stopped. First off, I am not a professional welder. In fact, I have welded little with rods and even less with a MIG wire feed. Therefore, I soon realized that I needed to do some research into the used welder I was using in order to finish my welding task. I found some .PDF files at the company website that not only told me how I might solve my problem, but also the approximate age of the welder I was using.

A big birds nest at the other end

Birds Nest at the end of liner closest to welder

Armed with my new knowledge, I set out to find and solve the problem. I did find the problem being tangled mess of wire as it leaves the machine and enters the gun mechanism. I had to remove the gun from the machine, and then the welding wire from inside its cable. I then ran some compressed air through the cable or liner, as it is called, and started some new wire into the liner only to have it do the same thing again. Another bird’s nest!

I then did some more cleaning of the end of the liner. I believe I may have had a small grain of sand that was causing the problem. Finally, I got the welder working and was able to finish my project. I have since installed some lubricating pads that go around the wire as it enters the feed roller. I believe this will help make the wire travel easier through the liner and stop any further birds’ nests.

For lack of a better description, I have provided this 23 minute video of my repair. I hope this helps someone who may experience the same problem. It was not a difficult fix. You Can Do It!