The Coleman Powermate Pressure Washer No Start Repair

coleman pressure washerI was in the middle of washing a golf cart when all of a sudden my older model Coleman Powermate Pressure Washer had other plans. It abruptly quit on me! I did the usual routine of checking for fuel and pulling the starter cord for more times than needed. I checked for spark the old fashioned way by using a screwdriver (Phillips works best) shorted to engine ground. It had good spark, and when I gave it a shot of ether, down the carburetor throat—she fired right up. 

removing the fuel pumpRealizing I had a no fuel issue, I decided to clean the carburetor, and in doing so I discovered that the pick-up tube probablyfuel pump diaphram picked up something that was causing no fuel to reach the engine. I started my repair by first removing the air cleaner. I wanted to separate the carb from the tank, but that looked like more of a project than I wanted to tackle at this time, so instead I removed what appeared to be the fuel pump on the side of the carb. The diaphragm looked good and there was no dirt in the fuel pump passages. I proceeded to spray carburetor cleaner into every passage I saw.

spraying cleaner in passagesWhen I heard the carb cleaner blowing into the fuel tank I figured that if there was a blockage then it probably was gone. Isponge filter removed removed the fuel tank sponge filter element. The element felt like it was in a state of deterioration and was leaving bits of sponge material on my hands. These bits were very tiny and may have been dirt as well. Never-the-less, I decided to discard the sponge filter. 

turning unit upside downI cleaned out the fuel tank, which was baffled and made the job much more difficult. I turned the pressure washer upside down to rinse the tank with carb cleaner. Satisfied that I cleaned about as much as I could without a complete disassembly, it was time to re-assemble the unit.  After re-assembly, and a few tugs on the starter cord, I was back in business. For how long, I do not know, but for now she works like a charm. Thanks, for stopping by. You can do it!

Watch the YouTube video of this repair.