Connect Your Wii to Your TV

Needing some exercise and yet not wanting to go outside due to the poor weather conditions the Wii looked like a good choice. My wife decided that a used Wii may just be the ticket to getting some extra exercise during bad weather. So, I purchased a used Wii online, but new nothing about how to install the thing to my TV. Furthermore, the unit was advertised as having an issue with stopping during game play. I really was in uncharted waters with this purchase, but figured it was similar to a computer and maybe it would reflex similar fixes to similar problems.

The Wii came with just about everything one could imagine including six games. It was a good purchase on my part. The only thing missing was the instruction booklet, but I found what I needed online at…… After doing some reading from the downloaded instruction manual, I was able to hook up the Wii to the TV. It actually played just fine for about an hour before freezing during a screen change. I also noticed that the Wii box seemed a bit warm, but this may be normal.

I suspect one of the game cd’s is at fault, maybe needing cleaning, and I also suspect the unit itself may need to be taken apart and cleaned as well. The cooling fan is moving; however the air flow seems to be less than adequate to dissipate the heat from the unit. When computers get to hot, they will slow down and stop as well. After I take it apart I will know more, but for now I am satisfied with the first part of my Wii journey as the used Wii is hooked up to the TV and it works!
Here is the YouTube video of the cable installation.