2006 Chevy HHR Oil Filter Replace and Oil Life Reset

It had been some time since I last changed the oil and filter and reset the oil life indicator in the 2006 Chevy HHR. The oil life indicator was at 49% so I decided it was close to time for an oil and oil filter change. I purchased 5qts of 5W-30 motor oil, an oil filter… gathered my rags, pan, funnel, gloves, jack and jack stand, and wheel blocks, and got ready to do my own oil change.

Oil filter needed toolsI decided to start the engine to warm the oil up and suspend the dirt particles while I blocked the tires and laid out all of my equipment. After turning the engine off I then raised the car with the jack and positioned a jack stand underneath as a safety precaution. I would be using a 15mm socket to loosen the drain plug and an additional 1⅟4 socket on a small 3/8 drive socket wrench to loosen the oil filter cap assembly. I used two different length socket wrenches, a long one for the drain plug and a stubby one for the filter cap.

Oil filter cap...unscrews ccwI loosened the drain plug to let the old oil drain while I worked on replacing the oil filter assembly on top. The oil filter assembly just unscrews and can be removed with the fingers after it is first loosened with the wrench. It is a bit tight at first but soon reaches a point of being quite loose. I like to place some rags around the oil filter housing as there may be a drip or two come from the filter as it is being removed. I like to hold an additional shop towel in one hand and position it under the filter to catch the drips as I remove the filter from the engine compartment.

Old filter just pulls loose from capOnce the filter assembly is on the work bench I just pull the old oil filter from the cap, replace the cap’s sealing O Ring gasket if need be, and push the new oil filter back into the cap. It is just that simple! I then take the oil filter and cap assembly back to the car, finger tighten it back into its housing and final tighten it with the socket I previously used to loosen it. After removing all the rags I then go back under the car and re-install the drain plug and remove the oil drain pan. I then remove my jack stand and jack from the car, and proceed to fill the engine with 5qts of the new motor oil by using the funnel inserted in the oil filler cap spout.

Finally I start the engine to check my work for any oil leaks (have not found any yet) and then I proceed to reset my engine oil life indicator. The DIC (driver information center) is located in the speedometer cluster. I shut the engine off, and turn the key to the run position. Then by pressing the DIC button and Reset button on the steering wheel together, the menu will appear on the speedometer cluster. I continue to press the DIC button until I see oil life, and then I press the reset button twice until I see “Oil-Life Reset.” Then I press and hold the reset button down until the display says “Acknowledged.”  The oil life indicator will now say 100%.

Next I like to write the oil change information in my log book and then I am done. I take my old oil to the local parts store for disposal. This was not a difficult job and I did save some money. The video of this repair is located below, however it is a bit shaky so fasten your seat belt.