Turkey Buzzard


I looked up one morning and happened to notice this Turkey Buzzard. Its proper name is Turkey Vulture, and it is found throughout most of the continental United States except parts of the Deep South. Adult birds are 27 inches long and have wingspan of 69 inches. This bird is different from other buzzards in that it not only hunts by sight, but also by smell. I wondered if it was hunting me. Not really, but it sure surprised me being outside my gate.

I suppose it was a good thing that I could not get that close to it, because it protects itself by barfing stomach acid. Yuk! In addition, it will hiss at you if it feels threatened. After learning more about this bird, I found myself content with just filming it from a distance. Watch the video of my encounter below.

For more information on Turkey Vultures go to www.http://animals.nationalgeographic.com/animals/birding/turkey-vulture/