The OEM Strut Spring Tool

OEM Strut Spring CompressorIf you have watched my YouTube video on Chevy HHR Strut replacement, then you probably have seen this tool being used. I originally purchased two MacPherson Strut Spring Compressors. I was concerned with one or the other breaking, and the task demanded a time schedule. I was not sure I would have had a proper tool in time, being one was in transit from an online store. In addition, research on using a spring compressor and customer feedback, convinced me that I could have a tool break or maybe malfunction.

I am quite pleased with the OEM strut spring compressor tool. It functioned properly, as it was designed to do. The Great Neck tool at NAPA looks to be similar.When I was using the tool, at no time did I feel that I was pushing it past its limitations. All screw parts worked smoothly and I felt that I could compress the spring way past what I actually needed to. Its fastening plus safety features were built into an easily operable unit. Actually, what I feared the most in doing the Chevy HHR job was using an unfamiliar tool in a situation that should something go wrong, it would jeopardize my health.

OEM tool compressing springIn reality, using this OEM Strut Spring Compressor Tool was the easiest part of the job. I can really recommend this tool, just from using it. By the way, the Chevy HHR was my first strut replacement. This job spoiled me, for it was uncomplicated and many parts did not have to be removed from the rotor assembly. I watched a few YouTube videos on strut replacement before doing my task, and was somewhat taken back by the work involved. Of course, none or the videos I saw were on an HHR.

If you have never done a strut replacement before, may I suggest that you watch some YouTube videos? Do as much research on the model of vehicle you will be working on, and above all pay attention to safety issues. The OEM strut tool is very easy to use and it has included instructions. If you use this tool you will understand why this article did not go into detailed instructions, for it is simply easy to use. I hope this short article has given a little insight for your coming task.  Click here for some instructions on replacing Chevy HHR struts. Bye for now.


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