Pittsburg MacPherson Strut Spring Compressor Set


Nice package

I wanted to give this Pittsburg MacPherson Strut Spring Compressor Set a positive review. Generally, I have no trouble using Pittsburg tools. This was not the case with the Pittsburg MacPherson Strut Spring Compressor. In fact, I was somewhat disappointed in that I never, so to speak, got past go.The set came nicely packaged with no visible damage to the box. This is always nice, because you can rest assured that all the enclosed parts are still there. I really dislike getting a product that has missing parts. The instructions were plain and easy to read, and all of the required parts were there as well. The quality of the tool looked a bit desiring; however, looks can be deceiving. I have had Pittsburg tools that performed well, yet looked weak.

Tool parts

All parts are here

Let the testing begin. If you have read my article on Chevy HHR strut

spring removal then you know that this was not the tool that I used for that task. The main safety feature is in the four hooks that hold the tool to the spring. Two hooks for each tool part keep the tool from slipping off the spring. The problem arose when I found that the flat metal plate was too short to allow each screw to go through their respective holes, and be able to thread on the nuts. Had the flat metal pieces been made a bit longer then there would have been no problem. I read the directions over and over before deciding that It was not my stupidity. If it was, then the directions need to be re-written. I tried bending the screws closer to each other in an attempt to get them through the hole, but to no avail. I even thought about making some new plates just so I could try to use the tool. It was then I decided that this case was a get what you pay for ($12.99).

Flat metal piece

This piece needs to be longer

After trying for approximately an hour to find some way to connect the

Tool attached

Tool attached–too loose for safety

threaded holder hooks to the flat metal pieces, I finally gave up. If the tool could not be put together properly, I figured that its safe use was in jeopardy, as well as its quality. I am sorry, but I cannot recommend this tool for the job it is designed to do. 🙁