2005 Prius 10 minute Oil Change


jacking the Prius upThe 2005 Prius Oil Change actually took longer than 10 minutes. It was more like an hour if you count cleaning up, and oil filter toolsputting the tools away. After blocking the rear wheels, I began this maintenance task by jacking up the car, and adding a jack stand as a precautionary brace. I made sure to jack the vehicle up at the designated jack point by referring to the owner’s manual.

removing drain plugI put my oil catch pan under the car, and proceeded to remove the oil drain plug. While the oilremoving oil filter was draining, I removed the oil filter, and cleaned the mounting surface where the new filter makes contact. Having put fresh oil on the new oil filter gasket, I screwed the filter on until it made contact with the surface, and then I tightened it ¾ of a turn more. Now that the new filter was on, and the oil had new filterdrained sufficiently from the pan, I re-installed the drain plug, and made sure it was tight.

oil capThe bottom work done, all that was left was to put three ¾ quarts of new oil into the engine. The Prius callsadding oil for 5w-30 oil, and so that is what I used. I then started the engine, checked for any leaks, and removed the jack stand, jack, and wheel blocks. It was a job well done, and I saved some money by doing it myself. Besides, I got to look under the car for any issues while I was doing the change. Thanks for reading! You can do it!

Watch the video of this repair.