1987 F150 i6 Timing Cover Seal Replace

If you watched my previous videos or read the article on the timing gear I replaced, then you know that I needed to install a Painted timing cover with old sealnew seal into the timing cover. Once I had the cover removed from the engine I cleaned it, and painted it before I removed the old seal. The old seal was a bit stubborn to remove partly because I did not have the cover on a solid surface. The chair and the boards made a bit of a springy situation every time I hit the seal as I tried to remove it.

The old seal was driven out from the back side. I removed the seal by using a punch and an old socket, but I think an old Removing old sealscrewdriver would have been a better tool to use. Anyway, I cleaned the surface area where the old seal was, and added a small film of petroleum jelly to help the new seal slide in. Before I put the new seal in, I first placed it in the freezer for an hour so it would shrink a bit. I also made sure the timing cover was sitting in the sun during this time as it would expand a bit.

Installing new sealThe difference in temperatures of the seal and timing cover helped the seal go in easier. The new seal was Fresh new seal installeddriven in from the front. I used a block of wood and a large socket to seat the seal into its final position. This was a somewhat easy task, but had I put the cover on a more solid surface it would have taken me less time I am sure. The video of the repair work is posted below.